Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Travel is to...

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To travel is to go.
To travel with an open mind is to learn.
To travel with an open heart is to grow

So I know this quote isn't epic or anything, but I came up with the thought in Costa Rica last month. I had lots of time to ponder/refresh in my room each night. It was kinda nice not to have technology and just enjoy reading...writing...and dancing a lot like an idiot :)

But yeah, the quote: In CR I learned so very much.

Step #1 I went.

Step #2 I opened my mind. Sometimes it was difficult as we had lectures on history and learned horrors about our own country and exploitation of those in Central America, but I had to keep my mind open. I couldn't plug my ears, run, or hide in shame. I had to listen, swallow it, and remember it. Let it sting, you know..Let it break my heart and initiate some change.

Step #3
. While in CR I was also introduced to some new views on faith, God, worshiping, and all that stuff. Again, sometimes we want to turn away from different views, but I was intrigued and this was the easiest step :) As i was engulfed in the idea of much of Latin American theology, I felt my heart changing, I felt that growth.

So I guess what I'm saying is this:: Travel! go! But don't just go...don't just take lots of pictures and write a few journals. Seek knowledge, learn from the culture, meet people, hear stories, let your heart burst and let it break, but most of all...let it grow.

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