Saturday, February 13, 2010




This postsecret struck me when I first read it several months, or maybe even a year ago. Some secrets are weird, some are fun, and some I just read and think...that is incredibly true. I had the latter thought when I saw this one.

Waiting. graduate.

...for that relationship.

...for dreams in general.

...for Heaven.

...for that awesome weekend next month..

the list...

could go...

on forever...


I believe we are all indeed, in some sense, waiting, but that isn't really what I want to debate. The question I want to pose is, "What are we doing while we wait?"

The thing is, goals, dreams, and excitement for the future are all wonderful :) And trustttt me, this blog is coming from the girl who is the queen of countdowns, the biggest daydreamer you'll meet, and the same person who drew giraffes on her notes in class and dreamed about Swaziland 10 months before she even left.

I embrace this part of my personality to an extent and have always loved the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

But we must remember....there is a path to that future and those dreams, and we must live it. We must walk on it. As I learned last summer,

"Participate don't just anticipate."

Think about us as a often we don't really, realllllly just embrace each moment. Even when we are talking to someone, or maybe in class--lots of times we are texting. Not fully listening, not fully aware, but two places at once. Again, sometimes necessary, but just as necessary is to be totally aware at times. Take it all in. Soak it up...Putting all our energy and passion into the present.

How often do we relish in the moment? How often do we stop worrying about the fact that we are waiting on so many things to happen, and just trust. Just have faith. Just know that yesterday is certainly not coming back, who knows about tomorrow...but right now--it is worth so much. It holds so much potential, how can we even think of letting it slip by? Let's go! Let's live!

Yet we do. I do. But I want to improve. I want to learn the art of waiting patiently while living fearlessly. I want to hold on to my aspirations, daydreams and of course be sure to prepare for things of my future...but don't get hung up on what hasn't happened yet and all the expectations. I want to live now. love now. show grace now. be passionate now.

I celebrated Chinese New Year tonight, so maybe this will be my Chinese new years resolution? Who wants to join? :)

...and a little Emerson to end this with:

We are always getting ready to live but never living. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, February 6, 2010

♫Have you ever looked fear in the face And said I just dont care ♫

If you watched the Grammy's, this is the song P!nk performed hanging from the rafters in an acrobatic kind of way. Some of you may imagine P!nk and songs that may come to mind are upbeat and girl-powerish... and maybe just rebellious. But this is more of a balled about love, life, and just taking that risk. It's about those moments in life, that may be good, may be bad, may be scary..but are defining. At some points it reminds me of the the quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower, "And I swear, in that moment, we were infinite."

Anywho, I think it is beautiful :) Please let me know what you think and how you interpret it too!

Glitter in the Air by P!nk

Have you ever fed a lover
With just your hands
Close your eyes
And trusted, just trusted
Have you ever thrown
A fist full of glitter in the air
Have you ever looked fear in the face
And said I just don't care

It's only half past the point of no return
The tip of the iceberg
The sun before the burn
The thunder before the lightning
And the breath before the phrase
Have you ever felt this way...

Have you ever hated yourself
For staring at the phone
Your whole life waiting on the ring
To prove you're not alone
Have you ever been touched so gently
You had to cry
Have you ever invited a stranger
To come inside

I'ts only half past the point of oblivion
The hourglass on the table
The walk before the run
The breath before the kiss
And the fear before the phrase
Have you ever felt this way...

la la la la la la la la

There you are, sitting in the garden
Clutching my coffee, callin' me sugar
You called me sugar

Have you ever wished for an endless night
Lassoed the moon and the stars
And pulled that rope tight
Have you ever held your breath
And asked yourself
Will it ever get better
Than tonight, tonight.......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

♫If you're out there, sing along with me♫


So I was listening to John Legend's "If You're out there" last night when I looked at this picture...

It was one of those moments, seriously. I got chills. And welled up with so much hope.

I highly suggest trying it out :) Just click the link, and play it--it's the last one on the list.

Here are the lyrics.