Sunday, March 13, 2011

22 things for 22 years

[[--sylvia plath ]]

[[courtesy of kristin hayes]]

well, it's official. I'm 22 years old. Technically it's really official around 4am since that's the time i literally popped out of the womb. But anyway, i figured in honor of my birthday i would record 22 things i've learned, cherish, or believe in. For some, i may elaborate, but for others, no explanation is needed.

here we goooo... [they are in no particular order, by the way]

1. Don't be bored. Louie Giglio once said, "there is no such thing as being bored, only boring people." explore. read. listen. grow. There is always an adventure waiting for you!
2. Travel...and do it on a budget! Hostels are cheap, and you're sure to meet a new, interesting friend! Take public transportation, and by all means, don't just hit up the tourist spots. Be a local for a day!
3. Stay true to your roots. It's like this, if everyone is always running away from their community because of the problems and issues, how will they ever get solved? It isn't the coolest, most glamourous thing to do, but it really can change the world. Sure, sometimes moving is necessary but just something to think about :)
4. Show up. i cannot even begin to describe how thankful i am that i showed up to events or places that seemed to be insignificant but changed my life.
5. When you feel inspired, don't delay. put off the homework for a second and jot down your idea, sketch your picture, or do what you do!
6. Be committed. My generation struggles with this so badly..including myself. Start something and finish it. Stick something out. When you promise someone, keep it. In a world where Facebook RSVP's translate like this: yes means maybe. maybe means no. and no means absolutley no...break the cycle :)
7. Find out where your stuff comes from. Did someone in a sweatshop make those sneakers? Did your diamond ring come at the cost of a life? Dare to google these things. And prepare to maybe make some changes!
8. Be aware of your waste. Skip the straw. Avoid the styrofoam. Make a compost pile!
9. Take the scenic route. It's good for your soul.
10. Dance at weddings.
11. Never skip out on a deep conversation just for an extra hour of sleep or to finish some homework. Life isn't about stuff, credentials, or working--it's about relationships.
12. Love someone long after it's fun, easy, or cool.
13. Listen to old people.
14. Shop local. it's way better than any wal*mart, target, or starbuck's.
15. Be honest. It's the most liberating thing in the world and the glue to the most beautiful friendships i am a part of.
16. Be informed, but don't watch the news too much. You will get sucked into a deep hole of negativity. Balance it out!
17. Have a hero or maybe 10. But know all about at least one of these people. Their life story, their struggles, their goals. And know that you put your shoes on just like they did, you breathe oxygen, and you, too have 24 hours in each day to make a difference.
18. Ask "why not?" It's a question that can rock the whole world. And surround yourself with others who ask this same thing on a regular basis.
19. If there are no nay-sayers around, reevaluate. If no one is harping on you or complaining about any aspect of your life--check it out. Dare to challenge. Dare to bring things out of the light. And remember that the fire only refines :)
20. Look at the stars. Please.
21. Don't take summer classes.. if at all possible!! This is a very personal opinion, but i think summer is a time to breathe in the warm air, drink lemonade, be barefoot, and travel the world.
22 Sing in the shower. And maybe even throw in some dance moves ;)